Screen-Based Trading

Advantages   |   Screen-Based Trading

    From basic order entry tickets to fully licensed Depth of Market (DOM) trading screens, Zen-Fire provides screen based traders access to the same high-speed market data and order routing used by professional firms and institutions world-wide.

    Server-side order handling for order types not natively supported by the exchanges helps reduce delays and complications that may arise from user connectivity, hardware and software failures.

    With an API available to qualified developers and firms, traders can create proprietary trading screens to accommodate any trading need not met by the available platforms.

    For more details about the available platforms, visit the Platforms Page.

Current order entry methods

  • »  Dynamic and Static DOMS
  • »  Chart Trading
  • »  Order Tickets
  • »  Keyboard entry and hot-keys
  • »  Trading directly on the quote board

current order Types

  • »  Limit
  • »  Stop Market
  • »  Stop Limit
  • »  Limit if Touched
  • »  Market if Touched
  • »  OCO (One Cancels Other)
  • »  GTC (Good til Cancelled)
  • »  GTD (Good til Day)
  • »  Trailing Stops
  • »  Volume Trigger Stops
  • Screen-Based Trading

    An array of order entry methods and advanced order types. Charting, quote boards and more

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